About J3—Your PCB Experts

We specialize in all things PCB! We offer a fully turnkey solution for our customers. Whether you are looking for rigid, flex or a hybrid PCB solution, we have you covered.

We offer rigid PCBs for more traditional or standard PCB needs. With these, we are able to truly minimize the amount of electronic noise and provide long-lasting results. You cannot beat the performance and durability of a rigid PCB form factor.

If you need a PCB that can move with you, then a flexible solution may be more suitable. Please contact us to get a consultation and to review your requirements prior to quoting.

Not only can we build and assemble your PCB, we can order your board level components and test the completed PCB assembly prior to shipment!

Please note that any assembly order lead times, quoted by our team, only include the time between our receiving your parts, filed, and the time your completed order is ready to ship. To determine order lead times, the extra time we need to obtain the parts has to be added to the assembly lead time. We can also source any parts that you need.