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J3Parts is a leading distributor of electronic components, specialising in hard-to-find and obsolete parts. With over 1 million products in stock and ready to ship, we can help you find the perfect component for your next project.

J3Parts: PCB Expert & Electronic Parts Distributor

We are experts in PCBs! We can provide a complete solution for our customers, whether you need a rigid, flex, or hybrid PCB

We offer rigid PCBs for more traditional or standard PCB needs. With these, we are able to reduce the amount of electronic noise and provide long-lasting results. Rigid PCB form factor is the best option in terms of performance and durability.

Why work with J3Parts?

24x7 Support

We'll quote you within the first 24 hours of receiving your request and requirements. We know that time is of the essence.

Secure Payments

You can trust that your payments will be processed quickly and securely. We accept all major payment methods.

Daily Updates

We will keep you on top of every development and ensure that your project is moving according to schedule, or faster.

Fast Production

Our team is fast without ever compromising quality and good workmanship. We do not take on more projects than we can reasonably handle and that ensures that no customer’s project is left behind.

What Our Buyers Say About Us

My customer service experience was unmatched by any other in the industry and I received my order quickly.

Ever since my first order, I have been constantly ordering from J3Parts. They are dependable and always ship fast.

Just Excellent!!! And the customer service, fast shipping, and excellent low prices make it so easy to order more! "

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